About Bharathi Seeds

Company Overview

Bharathi Seeds Private Limited (formerly known as Bharathi seeds) is one of the leading hybrid seed and farming technology companies, head-quartered at Nandyal in the Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh, India. Established in 1989, this family-run enterprise was founded with the objective of serving and uplifting the farming community to modern-day standards. With exhaustive Research & Development (R&D) , we evolved high-yielding, high-quality, drought-tolerant Cotton Hybrids such as Sando Cot-35, Brahma, Krishna, Atal, and Lakshmi which ruled Hybrid cotton Industry over a decade .

Bharathi Seeds has made its unparalleled mark in the industry with the introduction of its latest Hybrid cotton seeds delinting and conditioning technology by importing a turnkey line from Emkat, Greece. It has also deployed several post-harvesting technologies like Double pass Drying, Seed Conditioning and Packaging machinery.

Established a strong grower base to cater the industry needs in producing Hybrid cotton,corn,pearl millet, sorghum , forage crops etc;. We are first in the industry in supplying the seed on finished good basis ( end to end) to various seed companies.

Organizational Values

A steadfast commitment drives the company to create value through continuous innovation and growth across all fields of activity like management, research, production, processing, and quality assurance. Also, a group of dedicated, highly qualified, experienced professionals works in the company to seamlessly cater to the client needs within the designated time.

We have garnered a strong trust by providing valuable, timely solutions and services in addition to the latest technology to the farming community, our clients and other stakeholders.

We have 30 years experience of producing quality seeds

the best company


  • To transform and modernize the country’s agrarian dynamics
  • To be a reliable source for the supply chain industry
  • To be a strategic & trusted partner for the seed industry

the best company


  • To transform and modernize the country’s agrarian dynamicsTo ensure the country’s agricultural community thrives on a self-sustainable, technologically driven model
  • To provide world-class solutions and services to the agricultural fraternity in terms of technological development and infrastructure
  • To focus on improving strategic relations with the farmers in farm mechanization, improving the productivity and uplifting of the farming community economically.
  • To ensure best-in-class collaborations for world-class solutions and services
  • To strive hard to ensure prosperity to the farming community, employees, and all stakeholders

Core Values

  • 01

    Commitment to operational and organizational excellence with integrity

  • 02

    Respect for individuals and society

  • 03

    Operate most ethically and transparently

  • 04

    Be responsible towards stakeholders, clients, group companies, and farmer communities.

Key Strengths and Achievements

Key Strengths :

  • Highly qualified and professional team to face any challenges
  • A long-standing family legacy of farming and agriculture
  • Progressive grower base of more than 10000 farmers
  • Continuous technology up-gradation based on clients’ requirements
  • Delivering timely services to the clients as per the commitment
  • Achievements :

  • The company achieved tremendous growth in the progressive seed-producing farmers base from 750 in 1989 to 10000 by 2020.
  • Through research, the company developed prominent and popular cotton hybrids, like Sando Cot-35, Brahma, Atal, Krishna, Teja, and Lakshmi.
  • Brahma is the first private hybrid in India which occupied a major market share for more than five years
  • In 2020, the company reached a major milestone of 10000MT Corn toll production (end-to-end) on a finished-good level, with 99.5% of the produced seed meeting complete quality standards.
  • Collaborations

    Collaborating for a better tomorrow for Indian farmers.

    Bharathi Seeds has laid its foundation on humanitarianism and social conscience to offer a sustainable development model for the agrarian community. With social welfare and responsibility being its priority, the company has garnered immense trust from all corners – farmers and their families, clients and customers, and other stakeholders. Over the years, the company has built and strengthened business relations with Monsanto India Limited, Syngenta India Limited, UPL Limited , Kauvery Seeds limited, JK Agri Genetics limited & Crystal crop sciences Limited.

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